Master Gardener’s Herbal Hand Balm


An all-purpose herbal hand balm for gardeners, reckless adventurers, and caretakers of magical creatures. Scented with a clean, refreshing blend of tea tree, yarrow and frankincense.

Use to soothe and aid in recovery of: cracked skin and dry hands, small cuts, bug bites, burns and mild skin irritations. Each vegan hand balm contains no artificial scents and is hand made in Dublin, Ireland.

Compared to our lip balms, this has a softer consistency (like a salve). Only a small amount is needed for application as it is richer than normal lotions and cream. Comes in a practical metal tin perfect for carrying around, whether your journey goes to Mount Doom or an intergalactic mining outpost.

The salve contains botanical extracts from St. John’s wort and yarrow which have been used for natural wound treatment for centuries due to their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It was said that the Greek hero Achilles used yarrow on the wounds of his injured soldiers, hence its Latin name “Achillea Millefolium”. The clean herbal scent comes from essential oils of tea tree and frankincense, known to be beneficial to the skin.

Massage sparingly into skin or hands. Great for overnight application. Test the ointment on a patch of skin before any liberal applications.

Each recyclable tin contains 50 ml of product. Tin size 6.5 diameter x 3 cm.





  • Dimensions: Tin size 6.5 diameter x 3 cm
  • Weight: 64 g
  • Maker: Literary Lip Balms
  • Material: Recyclable tin and balm made from pure essential oils. Use within 12 months