Thai the Buddha-to-be seeks alms mounted print 12” x 10”


The Chester Beatty exhibition Thai Buddhist Tales: Stories along the Path to Enlightenment offered an enchanting introduction to Thailand’s rich Buddhist heritage and its most cherished stories.

This mounted print features the artwork The Buddha-to-be seeks alms (detail), from Extracts from the Pali canon (Tipitaka) and Story of Phra Malai.

Window mounted print measures (including mount) 12” x 10″ or 30.3 x 25.3 cm.


  • Dimensions: 12” x 10″ or 30.3 x 25.3 cm
  • Weight: 139g
  • Image details: The Buddha-to-be seeks alms (detail), 1850-1900, Thailand, CBL Thi 1315
  • Material: Window mounted print