The Dragon Painter


Chang is the best painter in all of China, so it’s Chang the Emperor sends for when his new temple needs painting. But why is Chang painting dragons without any eyes? Is it true, as he claims, that if you add eyes, painted dragons come to life?

This delightful retelling has sweet, simple text and gorgeous illustrations, with plenty for children to spot as Chang paints his surprising dragons. Reading age 2 – 5 years.

This book is in hardback format and measures 16.4 x 14.3 x 1.2 cm.



  • Dimensions: 16.4 x 14.3 x 1.2 cm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Author: Lesley Sims
  • Illustrator: BlueBean
  • Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
  • Pages: 22
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781474989497