Protective hands paper garland


Lokta is eco-friendly and plant-based paper. It is very strong paper, and with its natural texture it can be stored for hundreds of years without any damage. This hanging consist of the symbol of the hamsa (AKA the “Hand of Fatima”); a palm-shaped charm found in many cultures all over the world. Depicting an open hand, this image has been used as a sign of protection all throughout history. The hamsa has been traditionally believed to ward off evil.

This paper garland is made in Nepal and guaranteed Fairtrade.

Total length when unfurled: 150 cm




  • Dimensions: total length when unfurled: 150 cm, dimensions in pack: 15.5 x 18.5 cm
  • Weight:  30 g
  • Maker: Nepali Natural Products
  • Supplier: Frida Feeling
  • Material: Lokta paper & string