The Outsider: The Life and Work of Lafcadio Hearn


Step into the extraordinary life of the man who made an impact as an observer wherever he lived, and went on to become the leading western interpreter of Japan and Japanese culture–a position he still occupies today.

Born in Greece and abandoned as a child, Lafcadio Hearn lived the life of an exile. He travelled the world and became a famous writer but always felt like an outsider–in Dublin, London, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and French-speaking Martinique. To him, none of these places felt like home. Hearn arrived in Japan at a time of historic change, which would provide him with an endless supply of rich writing material – perhaps enough to last a lifetime.

Over the next dozen years, Hearn published 15 books which were lauded by the likes of Mark Twain, William Butler Yeats, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin. Hearn’s books made him famous as the leading writer on Japanese culture.

This book is a hardback format and measures 13.72 x 3.05 x 20.57 cm.


  • Dimensions: 13.72 x 3.05 x 20.57 cm
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  • Author: Steve Kemme
  • Publisher: Tuttle
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