Yogi in garbhasana A5 notebook


This notebook features the art work of Yogi in garbhasana (the “embryo posture”) on the back cover. Produced by the Musée National des Arts Asiatiques – Guimet, for their exhibition Yoga. Ascetics, yogis, Sufis using this image on loan from the Chester Beatty.

This notebook contains 64 pages of lined paper from sustainably managed forests. It is finished with a soft cover with rounded corners.

The cover is in softback format. Notebook size 15 x 21 x .5 cm.




  • Dimensions: 15 x 21 x .5 cm
  • Weight: 109 g
  • Image details: Yogi in garbhasana (the “embryo posture”), Illustration of a manuscript from the Bahr al-hayat (“The Ocean of Life”), Mughal School, Allahabad, ca. 1600-1604, CBL In 16.18
  • Material: A6 size notebook filled with lined paper and softback cover